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100W Rust Cleaning Laser Price

If you’re looking to save money on your restoration project, you may be wondering how much a 100w rust cleaning laser can cost. This technology uses a laser to remove rust from metal surfaces, and it comes with an onboard vacuum system that collects all the vaporised rust. This means no need to worry about chemicals, dust, or clean-up. This technology is actually pretty revolutionary, and it could change the way you restore your vehicle.

The cost of 100w rust cleaning laser machines varies, but the true cost of one machine may be as much as $13,800. In comparison, a 50W laser rust cleaner costs just under $9,000, and a 200W machine costs $19,800. Shipping, taxes, and custom clearance can add on additional costs. However, you will be amazed at how much more money you’ll save! There’s really no reason not to start using your new laser rust cleaner today.

This 100W rust cleaning laser machine is extremely versatile. While it’s primarily used for removing rust on metal, it can be used for Laser Paint Removal or Metal Degreaser. Rust Cleaning Laser Software is integrated into the CleanLaser 100 Machine, and the Power and Scanner Power can be adjusted by means of a Touchscreen. The spiral-waves of the laser clean off rust layers on metal surfaces, and no chemicals are required.

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