HealthTap Services Review

HealthTap Services is a national virtual primary care company, offering affordable and convenient healthcare to all Americans – regardless of insurance status.

The platform provides members with 24/7 virtual or text access to their long-term primary care Online doctor of choice, through video or text.

HealthTap also features an AI-augmented symptom checker that provides intelligent explanations of symptoms and next steps for care. Furthermore, customer data is securely stored within the app, making it simple to share consultation comments, test results, and prescriptions with multiple providers.

Urgent Care

HealthTap Services is a nationwide telehealth provider that offers 24/7 urgent care via video, phone or app. They offer both paid and free plans so consumers can pick which option best meets their requirements.

Healthcare can be expensive, making it hard to fit medical appointments or visits into one’s schedule. This is particularly true for individuals with school and work commitments who must choose between their health and other commitments.

HealthTap is revolutionizing the way people access healthcare. Its proprietary applications, information tools and electronic healthcare records adhere to the strictest data protection and security protocols when connecting patients and physicians online.

The company is a pioneer in virtual healthcare, offering affordable primary and urgent care to Americans regardless of insurance status. Additionally, it assists businesses of all sizes provide virtual primary care and urgent care services to their employees at a fraction of the cost of in-person care.

Primary Care

Primary care is a form of healthcare that involves having an ongoing relationship with a doctor who sees you for checkups, vaccinations, and other treatments. It helps manage chronic conditions and prevent illness.

HealthTap Services provides primary healthcare through video visits with doctors from around the country. Members can use their smartphones, tablets or smart TVs to book appointments, get answers to questions from experts and receive prescriptions.

HealthTap makes it simple for members to locate and select a doctor by offering an extensive selection of specialists. These range from mental/behavioral health, online therapy, sexual health, travel medicine, chronic care management, senior wellness initiatives, wellness prevention strategies and lifestyle advice.

Subscription to this service costs $15 per month (billed $45 three months at a time). Users can text with their doctor for quick questions and follow-ups, book primary care video visits for $44 or their insurance copay, and access urgent care for $59 (often covered by insurance) at an additional cost of around $69).

Health Benefits

HealthTap Services provides its members with an array of health benefits. These include virtual consultations with doctors, prescriptions, referrals to specialists and online lab testing.

The platform provides 24/7 access to a network of U.S.-based board-certified doctors who offer affordable virtual healthcare, helping improve access and reduce costs. Its proprietary technology matches patients with a doctor at the first moment of concern and triages symptoms using HealthTap AI for treatment in as little as one minute with wait times as low as one minute.

HealthTap’s PCPs offer a comprehensive review of a patient’s health and family history, current conditions, medications, lab and device values, risk factors and social determinants to enable better condition management, prevention strategies and an ongoing relationship with their primary care physician. This is beneficial to both health plans and members alike since it helps close gaps in care, perform better risk adjustment calculations and enhance population health outcomes.

Health Equity

HealthTap Services provides accessible urgent care and primary healthcare to millions of members around the world through online video, text and voice. Users receive concise answers to their health queries, locate local physicians based on individual needs, and enjoy more personalized interaction with their physician.

HealthTap provides affordable healthcare to Americans with low incomes. In addition to offering top-rated mobile and web applications, the company boasts an expansive network of 90,000 volunteer U.S. doctors who answer tens of thousands of free health questions daily for HealthTap members.

Achieving health equity requires placing value on everyone, with focused and ongoing societal efforts to address avoidable inequalities, historical injustices, and social determinants of health. It also involves confronting racism, discrimination, stereotyping as well as the history of unethical practices in public health that lead to disparities in health outcomes.

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