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How Are RFID Systems Used in Inventory Control and Supply Chain Management?

How are RFID systems used in inventory control and supply chain management? RFID is a computer-readable chip that stores information about a particular item. RFID readers are placed at the source of shipments, so they can track them from the warehouse to the point of sale. RFID readers can be handheld or used in a tunnel. They can read an item’s tag in the warehouse and create an item-level ASN. Advanced shipping notices can be sent to customers to notify them that a package is on its way

Using RFID technology can improve inventory control, workflow, and work in process tracking. It can also improve visibility and reduce excess inventory. RFID can help improve inventory accuracy and minimize errors, reduce waste and boost efficiency. RFID tags can be read from any location in the factory or warehouse, making it an extremely useful tool for supply chain businesses. This technology allows businesses to automate entire processes, reducing labor costs throughout the process.

RFID systems use three main components: an RFID tag, an antenna, and a transceiver. The tag itself is a small microchip that can be attached to any object. RFID tags are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and contain a memory for data storage. RFID tags can store information such as an item’s location, date of manufacture, and current inventory. RFID tags also can store information like type, description, and dimensions of an item.

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