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Police Tips For Home Security From a Retired NYPD Officer

A retired New York City police officer shared some police tips for home security. One of the top tips is to keep a low profile. If you think someone may be watching you, light the house and lock the doors. If you notice anything suspicious, call the police. Even if you are home alone, it is better to stay safe than sorry. Police officers are often targets of home invasions. That’s why keeping a low profile is so important.

Don’t leave anything on display. Leaving tools or articles out on the sidewalk or in the garage can entice burglars. Use post lights and exterior lights to light up hiding places. Keep yard and garage doors locked. If you have a work shed or cellar, don’t leave it unlocked and secure. Remove any shrubbery that may be used as a hiding place for burglars. Install timers for lights to create the illusion of someone being home.

Consider installing a video monitoring system with an alarm. Set up at least one camera facing the street. Some smart home systems even integrate motion-sensing lights. These devices are great home security solutions. If you don’t have a video monitoring system, you can purchase one online and install it yourself. Lastly, make sure to lock the doors when you leave. You’ll be able to see if someone has broken into your home and who’s not.

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